September Customer Service Awards

Authored by Kayla Brehm
Published on September 17, 2014

Here are September's customer service awards.

Debra Mostue - Farmer’s Insurance

People rarely think insurance and “this has been so fun,” but Debra Mostue of Farmer’s Insurance has bucked the trend in a big way. Alex recently bought a motorcycle. Rather than smash Alex with a huge rate as a first time owner, Debra sought out ways to ensure that Alex got a great rate.

Not only was she extremely customer focused, she responded to Alex both via phone and email when he reached out to her during hours that she wasn’t working.

Debra created a great experience by connecting with Alex personally (they discussed how Alex is from Pennsylvania). That personal touch resulted in Alex having a great experience while buying insurance.  Debra was responsive to the point that Alex felt like she was waiting on him rather than the other way around which, combined with everything else, made for a really great purchasing experience.

Great job Debra!

Amazon has been well known for a long time for it’s superb customer service. is joining the bandwagon given our recent experience with them.

Our team is quickly growing (3 to 8 in a month) and as a result, we’re ordering a lot of equipment, largely from Amazon. We made a large equipment order for a new employee and opted for  standard shipping.

To our astonishment, the next day, a large box from Amazon came with our supplies that we hadn’t been expecting until midway through the following week.

Props to Amazon for thoroughly nailing the surprise and delight portion of customer service.



One of our recently had the opportunity to go to Alinea, a three Michelin star restaurant in Chicago currently ranked 9th in the world. Wow, did it show why.

They know your names when you walk in, the entire staff appears to have been briefed on you, and the meal is a show more than a meal. Dishes are meant to evoke memories and they succeed emphatically.

All the while the staff is tirelessly attentive and clearly communicating the whole time. Staffers would bring up conversations that had taken place earlier with different members of the wait staff, needs communicated to the Sommelier would be explained to the whole team, and all of this took place seamlessly. Overall their staff ensures that people are taken care of, feel heard and listened to, and generally have an effortless and enjoyable dining experience.

A top ten restaurant in the world has sky high expectations of both service and quality and Alinea exceeded both. Well done Alinea for creating the best dining experience our resident foodie has ever experienced.

Austin BBQ Festival

The 50 best barbecue places in Texas (and therefore the world), people flying in from all over the country, and a few thousand barbecue fanatics queuing up to chow down.

Sounds like chaos. Thanks to how the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival was handled, it was anything but. The entrance line moved quickly, the booths were well organized, and the lines at the barbecue tents themselves moved quickly and smoothly. A couple of went together and, on top of eating the best barbecue in the world, there were two great customer service moments.

Snow’s is the best barbecue any of us had ever eaten (sorry Franklin’s). Legendary pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz took time out of her insane afternoon to take a picture with one of our members. One top of that, they loaded the plates when they absolutely didn’t have to and everyone was notably cheerful.

At Black’s, another barbecue legend in Texas, Graham asked for burnt ends (the best part of the brisket). Not only did Black’s provide them, but asked Graham if he wanted extra (he did, obviously). Never has there been a happier customer.

Overall the whole day was a success, but those two moments jumped out as being above and beyond from a customer service standpoint. To the organizers, Snow’s, and Black’s … phenomenal job. We can’t wait until next year.

Whole Foods Concierge (Delivery)

Most people are familiar with Whole Foods spectacular customer service. From employee knowledge, to general employee friendliness, Whole Foods does customer service exceptionally well.

Whole Foods has a concierge service that lives up to their brand. I recently ordered groceries from Whole Foods to be delivered later that day. They called me four times while shopping to clarify options, ask how thickly I wanted my meat cut, and so on. When I got home my groceries were waiting for me, exactly as I’d asked for them to be.

If your area offers this service, it’s highly recommended. The shoppers are incredibly proactive in reaching out, super friendly, and they make sure you get what you want and that it’s waiting for you when you get home. Kudos to Whole Foods for having such a customer friendly service.

 What are some great customer experiences you’ve had? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @helpdotcom.



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