October Customer Service Awards

Written by Kayla Brehm | Nov 7, 2014 11:36:10 AM

At, we believe in the transformative power of great customer service. Every month, we like to step back and acknowledge companies and people who have provided our team with exceptional customer service.

With that said, here are five people and companies that went above and beyond for us in the last month.

Weather Up (specifically Kyle and Kristine)
We had our first team dinner at Weather Up. What struck our team above all else was how clearly Kyle and Kristine wanted us to have a good time. Kristine even followed up with an email thanking us for coming and reiterating that she hoped we had fun.

We had a blast Kristine and Kyle, thank you for providing such genuine and warm customer service.

Editors note: Weather Up stayed open late to accommodate us and Kyle went out of his comfort zone and taught his first ever mixology class to our team. Talk about above and beyond. catered our team meals during our day long team off-site and decided to “treat” us unexpectedly with dessert. They were easy to work with and responsive to begin with (repeatedly doing things because it would make our lives easier), but went above and beyond when they surprised us with gelato.

Cater2Me put the “surprise and delight” back into their customer service and it got our attention.

Austin City Lemons
Austin City Lemons did something truly amazing. The backstory is that Austin City Lemons moved locations during ACL to serve lemonade to thirsty festival goers. During these weekends, a few of our stopped and got lemonade.

Last weekend one of the who’d gotten lemonade (once) at ACL popped into the Austin City Lemons store for some lemonade. As they got to the front of the line, Grant (the owner of Austin City Lemons) grinned and was like “Hey, you guys stopped by to get lemonade at ACL right? I totally remember you both.” He saw 140,000 people that weekend. That is some personalized customer service right there.

Grant, you and Austin City Lemons are fantastic, and your friendly service and insane memory means we will be back for more soon.

Brykerwood Vet Clinic
One of our dogs got surgery recently. Brykerwood walked our through the whole process, called with updates immediately after surgery, and even followed up a few days later to check in on how the pup is doing. They warned our about “Cone Depression” which, it turns out, actually is real.

Brykerwood, thank you for making the process as stressless as possible and caring enough to check in unexpectedly.

Edge Lawn Care (Jeff)
One of our built his house recently and, as usual, things got delayed, became more expensive, and didn’t go according to plan. Edge Lawn Care did exactly what they said they were going to do, showed up when they said they would, and exceeded expectations of the final product.

Not enough companies follow through on their promises, and for doing so and exceeding expectations, Edge Lawn Care earned a customer for life.