Veteran's Day at

Written by Ryan Dietrich | Nov 11, 2014 11:41:14 AM

My time in the military cemented my focus on customer service. I served as a systems administrator working on various combat planning and intelligence systems and deployed to the Middle East multiple times to install these systems at various sites. I can remember distinctly talking to my Lt. Col about "knowing who your customer is," and "making sure your customer has what they need."

This way of thinking forced me to re-evaluate what it meant to have a job. As an employee, you're nothing without your customers. I made every effort to understand the relationships between the cogs that make up the "Air Operation Center" (the nerve center of our war fighting engine). I focused on the areas that created the highest levels of consternation. The biggest one at the time was the hand off between intelligence and combat plans, a file called the "Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List" (JIPTL). The issues surrounding this file were purely technical, and out of reach for the non-technical staff.

I bring all this up because, in that world, doing your job, and taking care of your customers meant saving lives, and shortening wars. These were valuable lessons learned.

Thanks to all those who serve, and continue to serve.