4 Steps to Build A Corporate Culture

Authored by Kayla Brehm
Published on December 5, 2014

“Corporate Culture” is one of the most popular phrases in business today. Companies like Netflix and Zappos attribute part of their overall success to their strong company cultures. It’s easy to say, Netflix even has a 124 page public PDF on how they define and execute their corporate culture, and there have been hundreds of articles written on the topic; but how do we execute it?

There are small adjustments we can make to our normal routine that can have a profound influence on how we feel about our workplace.

Musical Chairs

Have your team switch it up by sitting at a new desk every month. By doing so, they’ll be able to meet more team members and maybe even learn a new skill. Perhaps their new neighbor has a particular strength that they can share.

Recognize Wins

Implement a peer recognition program. The recycling company TerraCycle has a gong that they strike whenever they’ve landed a new deal or there’s a big activation. Explore what works for your company - perhaps an email “standing ovation” or a roaming desk token to recognize achievement.

Low-cost outings

Corporate outings are great for team-building, but may not be feasible for larger teams. A cooking class would be great (and delicious) for 10 people, but what do you do once you’ve grown to 20? 40? Engaging your team suddenly gets a lot more expensive.

Start by incorporating what you already have. Do you have a Ping Pong Table in your breakroom? Plan a quarterly tournament at your office! Make it fun by encouraging retro-table tennis attire and award the tournament winner with a trophy that could rotate between desks. Pretty soon, you’ll have your own version of the Stanley Cup.


If you’re passionate about giving back your time to the community, spread the word. Perhaps there are others around you who share your passion. Plan a group volunteering session at your local park or contact your local animal shelter to see if they’re accepting applications for corporate teams.

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