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Authored by Ben Gabler
Published on February 22, 2016

With great power comes great…wait that’s not it. With a world-class brand - comes great expectation.

When I joined in September 2015, I had a lot on my plate. Not only was I taking on an existing office with staff, but I was taking on an existing product. Coming from a strong product management background, the first thing I had to do was dissect the product, because let’s face it, the product is the business. During this process, I found tons of bugs, broken components, and major stability issues.

After spending three months attempting to fix and improve the existing system, I decided it’s in our best interest to start fresh. Now that we have a strong leadership team in place, it’s time to build a product that can live up to the brand.

Anyone can say they can do it better than the last guy. How do we know this is true? Simple. By utilizing a proven methodology that has worked time and time again. When I joined, our development team was operating in an “agile scrum” environment, but we were far from that.

During my time at, I had the privilege of working 1:1 with Derek Neighbors who, in my opinion, is one of the best agile coaches in the world. Derek taught me the fundamentals of agile development, and we were able to completely relaunch the entire hosting product line in just 4.5 months. This was an amazing accomplishment that truly seemed impossible, and it would have been without the proven processes put in place.

At, I’m applying the same methodology on our rewrite.

For the first time since our inception, we had the entire team in the same room running through various agile exercises, and it all started to make sense. Beginning with an agile sailboat exercise allowed us to work on our strengths and weaknesses as a team (which did wonders). Once we knew where we stood as a team, we started our user story workshop. We’ve documented the entire process and will be sharing everything along the way.

Stay tuned for some exciting posts related to our process of building a world-class customer service product suite!

Want to be a part of our journey? We’re hiring! Join our team in Downtown Austin and be a part of building an amazing product suite.



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