12 Gratifying Team Building Activities for Any Budget

Keep your team happy and have fun in the process.

By Raquel Guarino

Whether you're looking to give your team a break, reward them for their hard work, or give them an easy way to get to know each other, team building activities are the way to go. Check out this list for fun ideas at every budget level.


Free or Low-Cost

Potluck Picnic

With a potluck, everyone can bring in a dish and enjoy each other’s fabulous (or not) culinary endeavors. Keep the party casual by holding the potluck in a park or backyard.

Benefit: Exchanging laughs and stories over food is beneficial for fostering trust and communication.

Board Game Party

Employees can bring in their favorite party games or you can buy a few. Depending on your team, some may veer towards simple games like Apples to Apples while others like nerdier ones like Settlers of Catan. Check to see what works for your group.

Benefit: Employees get the chance to see their coworkers’ various skill sets at play.

Scavenger Hunt

Divide your employees into teams and devise a hunt that focus on completing a variety of different challenges. Whoever accomplishes the most under a set time period wins!

Benefit: Scavenger hunts encourage listening to others, collaboration, and creativity.


Whether you want to participate in a charity run, clean up a local park, or collect nonperishables for a shelter, volunteering is an excellent way to work together towards a common goal for the greater good.

Benefit: Volunteering unifies the team, helps the community, and can give members a morale boost.


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Laser Tag

Split employees into teams and watch them take off in an epic battle of hide and seek with lasers.

Benefit: It’s an adrenaline-pumping activity that boosts everyone’s heart rates and gets everyone excited.

Escape Room

Pick a level of difficulty and watch as your employees try to piece together an interactive puzzle before the clock runs out of time.

Benefit: Employees need to remain calm and communicate well in order to escape the room in time.


Bring your team back to the golden era when arcade games like Pacman, pinball, and Mortal Kombat were cornerstones of pop culture.

Benefit: You’ll get to see people’s competitive sides come out as they enjoy their favorite relics from the past.

Paint and Pour

You don’t have to be an artiste to enjoy the beauty of drinking with your coworkers as you paint pictures á la Bob Ross.

Benefit: Whether or not the end results are a masterpiece, your team leaves with a souvenir and silly memories.



Attend a Conference

Bring your team to a relevant conference and pay for their travel, food, and accommodations.

Benefit: Conferences give your team an excuse to take a break from work and focus on learning more about their industry, widening their networks, and visiting somewhere new.

Exotic Car Rental

Your team will love speeding through a controlled course or driving around town in a beautiful luxury vehicle.

Benefit: Employees will feel appreciated and earn bragging rights with their friends.

Winery Visit

Nothing says total relaxation like a trip to a vineyard with fine, locally made wines.

Benefit: Wine.

Inflatable Bouncy House

What could be more fun than jumping around in a large, inflatable bouncy house instead of going to work? Correct answer: nothing.

Benefit: Tire your employees out so they can be well rested the next day. It also looks good on the ‘Gram.


Take a look at some pictures from one of our most successful events at Pinballz in Austin, Texas. Between beating Halo as a team, playing two rounds of laser tag, racing Go Karts around the track, and winning silly prizes, it's safe to say we had a blast!