2018 Excellence in Customer Service Award Winner: University Federal Credit Union

By Raquel Guarino

Help.com is dedicated to making customer service interactions efficient, effective, and enjoyable. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate an award to exceptional companies who we feel embody the values of superior customer service. 

On behalf of National Customer Service Week, Help.com is excited to announce that University Federal Credit Union is one of five recipients of the 2018 Excellence in Customer Service Awards. Our team was quick to nominate UFCU as an organization that exemplifies high-caliber customer service. Multiple members of the Help.com staff were impressed by UFCU’s commitment to professionalism and friendliness in all of their interactions. Pat Webster in DevOps was also happy to mention that many of the clerks he’s interacted with are bilingual, which makes interactions easier and more accessible for customers of different backgrounds. Here’s what one of our frontend engineers said about using UFCU:

“They are always friendly. They’re locally invested, and they show genuine interest in their customers and their customers’ lives. This applies to every branch I’ve walked into and just about every person I talk with over the phone.”

– Chance Eakin, Frontend Engineer

Congratulations, University Federal Credit Union. We appreciate your commitment to your customers’ happiness. Keep up the great work!


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