6 Austin Businesses and Organizations We’re Thankful for in 2019

We're grateful for their kindness and service to the community!

By Raquel Guarino

Thanksgiving is always a special time of the year; it gives us folks at Help.com time to reflect and think about the things that make us happy. Sometimes it could be as simple as a smile or a few kind words from a stranger. Other times, it's someone who goes out of their way to do the right thing and help others. Whatever the deed, the Help.com team wanted to thank some of the local Austin groups that work hard to provide exceptional customer experiences to us and surrounding communities.

Here are six Austin places we're grateful for.

Natural Grocers (Website)

Frontend Developer Jillian Flook:

'Somehow they manage to be a convenient grocery store and a supporter of the slow food movement. They have a number of free health and wellness community programs and a great employee culture. I have been able to get to know the staff and it makes Austin that much more home-y.' 

St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store (Website)

Content Strategist Raquel Guarino:

'While other thrift stores are rife with overpriced items (sometimes even more expensive than they originally retailed for), St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store on Braker Lane is one of the few places that still embodies the true spirit of buying secondhand. Not only can you find good quality clothes at very affordable prices, the staff is kind, and the organization donates the money and goods back to the community. '

Austin Pottery (Website)

Frontend Developer Jillian:

'They are a small locally owned business that is heavily involved in the community and the arts. Supporting potters is a given but they also bring in musicians and other types of arts into the classes. They have a dedicated private studio space and a storefront in addition to classes and workshops. The barrier to entry for pottery is higher compared to others, but with multiple kilns, lots of clays, glazes, and tools available and the aide of resident potters, it becomes a more accessible art form.'

Chaparral Ice (Website)

Sr. DevOps Engineer Pat Webster:

'The staff at Chaparral Ice run one of the largest rosters in the country for figure/hockey skating lessons. They teach anyone from 3 years old to 80+. They’re super supportive and kind people.'

Sustainable Food Center of Austin (Website)

Frontend Developer Jillian:

'The diversity and efficacy of their programs astound me.'

Texas Farmers Market (Website)

Content Strategist Raquel:

'I may be a bit biased because I work for a farmers' market vendor on the weekends, but the Texas Farmers Market really works hard to make going food shopping a wonderfully wholesome and enjoyable experience for all. With farmers markets throughout the Austin area at different times of the week, the organization accepts Snap/WIC at two markets and ensures higher quality vendors with a commitment to sustainability. Every time I visit a Texas Farmer Market, I leave happy.'


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