8 Ways To Thank Your Customers

Authored by Kayla Brehm

Published on October 10, 2014

Customers are the lifeblood of any company. They dictate how the brand is perceived on social media, they pay the salaries of the employees, and their choice to use company X over company Y keeps company X in business. As a customer service professional, you have a rare opportunity to thank customers on a daily basis.

Of course, it would be great if every day you got to give away a car, like what happened to this guy, but that’s probably bad for your business’s profit margin. In lieu of free cars for everyone, here are eight quick and easy ways that you can thank customers every day.

Celebrate Anniversaries:

A customer has been with you for one year? Two? Two times longer than normal? Let them know you’ve noticed and you care.

Ask them for feedback. They’ve stuck with you for this long, see what you’re doing right for them.

Celebrate Birthdays:

Maybe they can’t eat gluten, so rather than send them cupcakes, give them a $40 discount and tell them to use the extra money for a birthday treat “on you.” An email with this discount and note is fine, but going the extra mile to write a handwritten card will really set you apart.

Follow up unexpectedly:

No problems reported? Perfect, send a quick email or give a quick call asking if everything is going alright. Take the opportunity to see if they have any needs, check on what you could be doing better, and thank them for being your customer.

Thank your customers that give feedback:

Write a personalized (from scratch) email to customers who have given feedback, positive or negative, telling them what was done with their feedback.

For example: Your feedback on how you loved the complimentary month of HBO you got for making a year of payments on time helped us decide to make that our policy across the company to reward great customers like you.

Do random “internal” drawings:

Have an event where 1, 10, 100 (whatever you feel is appropriate) customers get drawn to receive a random surprise, then send them a letter or email telling them about it along with their prize. Unexpected surprises, as well as the knowledge that your team is truly customer focused will make people feel closer to your brand, and spread who hears about it.

Toss in a freebie for no apparent reason:

Put the surprise back into surprise and delight. Give agents the bandwidth to make a customer’s day for no reason other than that they want to. “Random” awesomeness when it’s institutionalized tends to become something companies are known for.

Have meet and greets:

Put a face to the service/product that you provide. Buy out a bar and give free drinks and appetizers to everyone who comes in for a few hours. Turn it into a meet and greet, send a few executives, and take the opportunity to really connect with your customer base. Another take on this is to have exclusive events where highly engaged customers are invited to special meet and greets just for them.

Let an agent “pay” after a customer service interaction:

I was shopping for groceries once and discovered that my $300 bill had been paid by the person in front of me. It put me in a better mood for a week and I still remember it and smile months later.

Give your agents two “credits” per year where, after a customer interaction (positive or negative) they can pay the next months bill for the customer with their credit. The next month, the customer will get a note saying after your call (or email) last month, Jim decided he wanted to thank you personally for being a customer, so he covered this month’s bill for you. Thanks for being a customer!

Moments like that make people feel closer to companies on a personal level.

How do you thank your customers? Tell us in the comments below or @helpdotcom.

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