A Day in the Life of a Haunted Help.com Engineer

Things get weird.

Authored by Raquel Guarino



It was a crisp, cool morning on October 31st.

The office was empty, and it was the worst.

Our engineer Chance who works the front end

Decided to stay home that day instead.

And that's when the office got a little bit kooky.

The staff filled in slowly, but things still felt spooky.

There were no critters or black cats to blame

For the chilling and frightful moment that came.

Arrived at the entrance was an undead creature

With no skin or hair, his bones were his features.

It opened the office door with a creak.

And the vision of him made the whole staff shriek:

A trembling skeleton with a chattering jaw

Greeted the room with his bony claw,

"Hey guys, nice to meet you. I work freelance.

I'm just here for the day, my name's Second Chance."

The team smiled awkwardly, unsure of what's next.

Then Second Chance sat at First Chance's desk.



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The team had questions, but didn't want to be rude.

"Maybe Second Chance is just a bony dude."

Frontend got to work, they had a milestone to meet.

Meantime the new guy just put up his feet.

"When I'm at work, I like to relax.

I code better this way. It's just a fact."

A Topo in hand, a podcast in his ears.

If he had it his way, he'd have a few beers.



Eventually the new guy did start coding,

But the smile on his face soon turned foreboding.

A boom! A crash! A complete uproar!

"Well, what do you know? A 404."



Second Chance was upset with this grave that he dug.

So he rubber ducked in an attempt to debug.

The pressure closed in; he was in a crunch.

A Slack message appeared: "It's time for lunch!"



A meatball sandwich was not his ideal.

"Pumpkin spiced maggots, now that's a meal."

Second Chance tried his hardest to not be a grouch.

He finished his grub and moved to the couch.

Thoughts of the bug were squeamish and scary.

He reminded himself it was all temporary.

Michael and Eric then both started talking,

"Fix this soon or you're a dead man walking."



He soon heard panting--a noise quite obscure.

He noticed a 4-legged demon with fur.

With a wagging tail and a pair of brown eyes.

This new little friend took him by surprise!



And suddenly warmth replaced his dread.

"Enough of this moping; I'll sleep when I'm dead."

An hour of cryptic coding ensued.

He finished in time for his team's code review.



After the meeting, he craved something wet.

So he clanked to the cooler for a cup of sweat.

Right by the tank was Jesus from QA.

Second Chance tried to think of something to say.

The silence was dead, he began to lose hope.

He wondered if he should tell him a joke.

"Why did the skeleton cross the road instead of stop?

He needed to go to the body shop!"

Jesus laughed hard and his guard fell away,

"Not too bad for #BadJokeWednesday."



4 PM came quickly as the day grew fleeting.

It was already time for the standup meeting.



The meeting was quick, just 5 minutes flat.

Second Chance was pretty spooked by that.

Looking back on the day, he started to note

The haunting details of this anecdote.

His day started out quite bone-chilling,

But by the end, it felt fulfilling.

It was hard to believe his work was wrapped.

Though he had to admit he wanted a nap.



Second Chance climbed his bike and said his goodbyes.

Something strange happened next--he started to cry.



He was already missing his silly Help.com crew

And their powerful customer service platform, too.



Happy Halloween! 




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