Apple’s Online Store is Hiding Customer Reviews. Are They Making the Right Choice?

Apple obscures customer feedback with this new change.

By Raquel Guarino

With Cyber Monday quickly approaching, 'tis the season to start gearing up for your favorite online deals. In preparation for the event, many people scope out product reviews in hopes of finding items worth purchasing.

When it comes to electronics, providing product reviews is a great way to increase transparency and instill trust within the buyer. When a buyer sees both positive and negative reviews, they know the company is making an effort to be honest. According to Smart Insights, 30% of shoppers believe that products with reviews from average people are a 'good sign that a brand or retailer understands them.' In addition, most age groups consider lots of positive reviews more than brand reputation.

Source: Smart Insights, 'Product reviews have big impact on shopping behavior'

Knowing this, it came as a surprise to some consumers when Apple suddenly hid product reviews for its online store mid-November without notice.

How products were displayed before and after the change. Source: Apple Insider, 'Apple pulls all customer reviews from online Apple Store'

The reason for the change is unclear, however some critics speculate the move may have been done to hide overly negative product feedback. Unfortunately, that choice probably won't sit well with shoppers, especially millennials and Gen Z, who on average expect 150 reviews for products they're interested in purchasing.

Source: Smart Insights, 'Product reviews have big impact on shopping behaviour'

What do you think about the move? Does it impact how you feel about Apple products?


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