Customer Service Awards August 16-31

Authored by Kayla Brehm

Published on September 3, 2014

Welcome to the second edition of the customer service awards! We are rethinking customer service, and part of that is by making sure that we acknowledge the best customer service we encounter. Without further ado, here are the winners from the second half of August:

All American Liquors (Brazos Street)

This is a new store in Austin that everyone should support. It’s fairly sparse, as the owner apologizes for every time I (and the rest of the team) walk in. We haven’t told him that we love that because it means he’s thoughtful enough to limit his initial investment in what he buys until he knows what moves fast and what doesn’t. It’s a great strategy and is aided by how unreservedly friendly the proprietor is.

What he does best though is listen and act. He asks everyone who comes in to tell him anything they’d like to see in the store, writes it down immediately, and then follows up. Customer centricity like this, and the thoughtfulness to follow up on a request and explain the situation (it’s here or here’s why it isn’t) lands All American Liquors on our list for authentic customer centered service. has done all of the signs for so far. This award is to as a company, but more specifically to our account rep Tom.

We recently ordered some large signs for an upcoming event from BuildASign. One of the signs had an issue so we reached out to Tom. He responded immediately, told us right away we didn’t have to pay if we weren’t happy, explained why the problem had occurred (the material of the sign prints oddly it turns out), and offered a reasonable alternative for the difference between what we’d paid for and the new option. Hats off to Tom, and to for hiring people like him and empowering them to help their customers. has printed’s business cards, pamphlets, and related paper related jobs. The products always look great, but the most notable aspect is the company’s customer service. We recently contacted PrintingForLess about repeating our previous business card orders. Within twenty minutes of emailing them, we received three emails and a phone call.

We were able to order by emailing the team that had done our jobs in the past our new specs. It was mind blowingly simple (exactly how everything should be). Kudos to for setting up their ordering system and customer service in a way that allows their employees to make lives easier for customers.

Home Slice Pizza

Home Slice is a known quantity here at This week we sponsored a meetup and, of course, went with Home Slice. I got there a little bit early and was told it’d be a few minutes. Rather than letting me sit there on my phone for fifteen minutes, I was given free pizza while the staff chatted with me about life during my wait. For such great customer service (and by far the best pizza in Austin), we would like to applaud Home Slice. We’re doing it sitting though because we’re still in a collective food coma from that Margherita pizza.


Favor has taken Austin by storm. I know few people in Austin who don’t regularly use Favor because, as it turns out, it’s awesome. Our VP of Engineering recently had a particularly good customer service experience with Favor worth discussing in detail.

It’s not unusual for Favor runners to text updates, questions, clarifications, and generally provide awesome customer service. In this instance, though, the order was wrong and halfway back to Jonathan’s house, the Favor runner offered to turn around to correct the error. Favor should be commended for having a management team that allows their runners to do such awesome work, and that runner should be commended for going far beyond the pale to make a customer happy.

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