Customer Service Stories from the Austin Startup Crawl

Authored by Kayla Brehm

Published on October 17, 2014

At the Austin Startup Crawl, we met a lot of great people from a lot of really cool companies. Some were kind enough to take a few minutes and share a good customer service story. We love good customer service, and here are ten of our favorites from the Austin Startup Crawl.

I moved into a new apartment recently. A Time Warner Cable rep contacted me directly and took all of the steps required to end my old service and get new service started. The modem was installed the next day. – Nathan

I recently had an ATT U-verse rep go through my neighborhood and personally explain all of their offerings. Earlier that week I had visited their store and had decided not to go with them. After the home visit from the rep though I changed my mind. A win for personal sales! @qualquervalor1

The amazing flight attendants Southwest employs actually make the little seats tolerable. – RJ

Zappos for their excellent responsiveness and reasonableness. Every single time. @pupok

Fitbit had a quick response via social media and sent me a quick replacement. @ACLtoZilker

Favor gives great customer service. When receiving a bad rating on an order, we are able to respond within ten minutes. @Spin_Favor

ATT customer service went out of their way to get me extra discounts. Them going above and beyond like that was wonderful. @AmyZielinski

Amazon gives precise updates. They also always do what they say they’re going to and give good recommendations. @Brevwit

Netspend provides information regarding sign up, getting started, and how to lists. – Kay

Uber’s drivers are all nice. They go above and beyond to ensure that I’m safe and comfortable. – Meagan

Do you have a customer service story you want us to share? Customer service experiences you can’t wait to talk about? Leave them in the comments or tell us about them @helpdotcom. We love hearing about good customer service.

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