Customers Are Increasingly Losing Their Patience: What You Need to Know.

And what you can do about it.

By Raquel Guarino

In a world where consumers spend money purely for convenience and speed's sake (Favor and Doordash come to mind), it's no wonder so many customers are expecting more and more from the businesses they patronize. The result? A less patient client base with ever-increasing demands.

Of course, business isn't the only reason the general populace has grown impatient over the years. Societal factors play a role, too. Yet no matter the cause, the outcome remains the same. According to a 2019 report from NPR and IBM Watson Health: '42% of respondents said that, over the last year, they were angrier more often than they had been in the past.' Even more startling is this statistic: 84% of people said they think today's Americans are even 'angrier than they were a generation ago.'

If you don't have the infrastructure in place to deliver a quality product as soon as possible, your customer won't be happy and will move on to the next best thing. They'll make sure the world knows it, too. The NPR-IBM report stated nearly 90% of people are more likely to rant on social media than in person.

What does all of this mean for your business? In order to thrive, not only do you need to deliver a product that is quick to satisfy your customers' needs, you also need to be able to provide customer service that's convenient and provides instant gratification. That's where's omnichannel customer support solution comes in.

With an app that completely integrates live chat with your company's inbox, customers can reach out  at a moment's notice without any barriers. In addition, agents can provide a seamless experience for customers who choose to switch between emailing and chatting online. Not only does this make it easier for customers to stay in contact, it also creates a deeper bond between them and your business. Say goodbye to customer anger with a quick app that fulfills all your customers' needs. Try today.


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