’s Infrastructure

Authored by the Team

Here’s what makes our platform so special.

Automation Friendly
We’re a small team, so we rely heavily on automation. From code generation to syntax enforcement and a complete suite of CI/CD processes, thinking about automation is how we work. In addition, we use testing frameworks like Tap, Jest, Sinon, Enzyme, and so on to achieve a minimum of 93% code coverage with all primary logic being fully exercised to give us full confidence that we are shipping a product that works.

Consistency is Key
We’ve built out an extensive library of React common components for our UI. That, in combination with our UX developers owning and modifying our style sheets with SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), means our style is always consistent and fresh.

Built to Scale
Ever since we started our code base, our goal was to build for scalability and reuse. Our type system, API client, and state management are all written in ES6, abstracted from our visual components, and managed in a separate repository. Lots of companies have tried to extract React components into modular repositories and reuse them only to find difficulty managing and versioning complex processes. Instead, we leverage Lerna to manage our React component publication and versioning.

Vigorous Testing
We pride ourselves on thorough test coverage, boasting a minimum of 93% code coverage in all of our services. Our frontend has designated an entire day (#TestingTuesday) to properly testing its work. No code is written without a test, so if you enjoy writing quality code, this is the place for you.

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