Happy Birthday to Help.com CEO Adam Farrar!

By Raquel Guarino

Help.com is excited to celebrate our CEO Adam Farrar’s birthday. Adam joined the team as CEO in February 2018, and we couldn’t be happier to have him here. As a token of our appreciation (and a nod to National Boss’s Day), we wanted to dedicate this post to everything Adam Farrar.


Fun Facts about Adam

  1. Adam grew up in Lufkin, Texas.
  2. He commutes from Houston to Austin every week for work (that’s three hours each way, plus traffic!).
  3. He’s a family man: a proud father and husband.
  4. Adam started out as a customer service rep for HostGator. He was promoted four times within the company. After three years of working, he became the CEO.
  5. According to our Product Owner Chris Borsheim, Adam was once the lead singer of an emo/screamo band called The Burning Leaves of Autumn (we’re dying to hear him now).
  6. He’s a big fan of Tiff’s Treats (and so are we)! Nothing like warm cookies delivered to your door.
  7. Adam is awesome.


Why Adam Rocks

  1. “He’s definitely the first CEO I’ve worked for that goes out of their way to tell you you’re appreciated on a regular basis.” – Pat Webster, DevOps
  2. “When I asked to take charge of hiring, I mentioned that introducing diversity to the company was a priority for me. His response was, ‘Great, it’s mine too.'” – Eric Hofs, Frontend Engineer
  3. “He’s generous and well tempered.” – Chris Borsheim, Product Owner
  4. “He actually wants to know about how I’m doing as a person, in a real ‘I care about you’ way. ❤️” – Chance Eakin, Frontend Engineer
  5. “Adam created an environment where we’re all family, we eat together, we hang out together. He created a friendly environment. He has a good view of the company and moves us all to work in the right direction.” – Ilya Avrukin, QA Engineer
  6. “He gives a sh*t about his employees.” – Evan Lucas, CTO
  7. “One word I would use to describe Adam is ‘genuine.’ I have never experienced that with someone who is also a CEO, and I’ve worked with many.” – Claude McCracken, QA Engineer
  8. “During my hiring process, Adam made sure to let me know that everyone was super excited to have me on board and made me feel like part of team before I had even started.” – Mike Pearson, Site Reliability Engineer
  9. “He always makes you feel like he has your back.” – Justin Griffith, Backend Engineer
  10. “He sees his job as empowering the team and removing any blockers so that we can do our best work.” – Rob Sheely, Frontend Engineer
  11. “I enjoy my job because of the way Adam runs this company. As CEO, you set the tone for the rest of the team. Leading by example, he has created a culture that is positive, productive, and motivates me to do better.” – Raquel Guarino, Content Strategist
  12. “He regularly reaches out just to say, ‘How are you doing?’ I got mine yesterday 🙂.” – Darin Spivey, Lead Backend Engineer


Happy Birthday, Adam! Thanks for being you.

– The Help.com Team

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