’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

Here's to a happy and successful new year!


By Raquel Guarino

The new year is a time for new beginnings. At, we're all about setting goals and aiming higher. To ring in 2019, we asked our team what they had planned for the coming year. Here's what they said.


2019 Resolutions & Goals

Evan Lucas, CTO

My goal is to work out at least 5 days a week.

Claude McCracken, QA Engineer

Reduce smoking and lose weight.

Ilya Avrukin, QA Engineer

Work Related:

  • By April, get all the UI test cases automated and be at the level of writing the automation test cases as part of card testing
  • Continue to improve JS skills
  • Get the mobile testing organized and up and running
  • By the end of the year, get ISTQB Test Manager Certificate


  • Quit smoking
  • Go back to a healthy lifestyle, diet and working out
  • Get all the baby stuff by the end of January 🙂
  • Start doing QA meetups and training.

Ryan Mottley, Backend Engineer

To learn to sew enough to sew my own cosplays. Start the planning for my game idea and begin working on it.


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Pat Webster, Sr. DevOps Engineer

I'd love to possibly get a research paper published, maybe release another album, and play more disc golf. Oh yea, and keep online. 🙂

Raquel Guarino, Content Strategist

Since I've been getting into running, I plan to do one race a month. Once I complete my 10k training program, I will train for speed and then complete a half marathon program. I also plan to save money for the future. And of course, I'd love to see launch with flying colors!

Chance Eakin, Frontend Engineer

Coding Goals:

  • Develop Rust, Golang, WASM, AI/ML proficiencies. Not mastery, but a solid "I know those things" sort of understanding. Project: Build a "football squares app" incorporating each of the above features.

Personal Goals:

  • A proficiency with self-discipline and my body. I need to take better care of myself, and that involves mastering the thousands of tiny choices I make every day. Project: Run at least 3 races, culminating in a Tough Mudder in May. Subtasks: Hit the gym with deference to incremental progress. Target nutrition to maximize muscular development for obstacle course races.
  • Get better at photography. Project: Help my wife with her blog with regard to taking photos. Practice a different fundamental photography technique with each shoot: composition, lighting, FoV...
  • Spend more time with my family and train my retriever to be a good hunting companion. Project: Once a month trips to the family ranch.

Every project ends with me getting better in some measurable way. That's my recipe for a successful, resolved 2019.

Jillian Flook, Frontend Engineer

Each year, my resolutions focus on something professional, emotional, and physical. In 2019, I will: attend 1+ professional/skill building meetup per month, visit 1+ state or national park each month, and run a sub 2:11 half marathon.


Happy 2019 from the team!

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