How Brands Pranked Customers on April Fools’ Day 2019

Things got pretty silly on social media.


By Raquel Guarino

Everyone loves to laugh, and April Fools' Day is a great excuse for brands to be silly. Not only do pranks make companies feel more personable, they also give customers a chance to interact with them in a fun and creative way. In addition, a well executed April Fools' Day stunt is an opportunity to go viral and gain publicity for all the right reasons. Here are some of our favorite brand pranks for April Fools' Day 2019.


Tinder Height Verification

Source: Twitter


Dating app Tinder beat the crowds by announcing their newest "feature" two days early. The Height Verification Badge uses "state-of-the-art verifying" to make sure users are being honest about their height while on the app. Some of Tinder's followers got in on the fun.


Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter


While the touted feature might have given some catfish users a scare, the app clarified:

While we aren’t really verifying height, we encourage all Tinder users to keep an open mind while on the app. Sometimes your most unexpected match can lead to amazing things.

You can check out Tinder's prank press release here.


Jamie Oliver's Ugly Shirt

These days, it seems like everyone on Instagram is trying to sell something. And on April 1st, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver appeared to be no exception. On his Instagram story, Oliver featured a throwback to a blue button-up shirt he wore in one of his early TV shows, The Naked Chef.


Source: Instagram


The eccentric pattern was of questionable taste, but considering many people's obsessions with 90s fashion, the shirt's sale wasn't entirely implausible. He even offered a variety of ways to wear the fashion piece.


Source: Instagram


Surely some Oliver enthusiasts were disappointed when they swiped up to buy the limited edition shirt.




As for the fools who fell for the prank, Oliver redirected them to a list of his favorite recipes.


Lego's Find My Brick

For those who have trouble keeping track of their favorite Lego pieces, this April Fools' Day joke would have been the perfect solution. The toy company teased the long awaited "Find My Brick" feature, which would use an app to track down where select pieces were hidden amongst a hefty pile.


Source: Twitter


To the dismay of Lego lovers, the purported app was just a gag.


Source: Twitter


Some fans took the prank as a challenge, however, and offered their expertise to make the app a reality.


Source: Twitter


Your move now, Lego.


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Cassie Ho's Squatless Yoga Pants

For the fitness lovers tired of spending countless hours working their glutes at the gym, Blogilates founder Cassie Ho offered a solution.


Source: Facebook


Of course Ho, who is known for poking fun at Instagram fitness cliches and body shaming, was only kidding. But she couldn't help posting this very photoshopped photo of her magical pants anyway.


Source: Facebook


Her fans couldn't help but join in on the silliness, either.


Source: Facebook


Sweet Ritual's Sundae

This April Fools' Day joke got a little too real. Sweet Ritual, a vegan ice cream shop in Austin, announced the newest addition to its menu: the Frito Pie sundae. According to the plant-based ice cream shop:

Served on a bed of crunchy Frito chips, this peanut butter mole & black bean ice cream is then smothered in queso magic shell.  This sundae is every Texan’s dream come true!


Source: Instagram


In case you thought they were joking, the vegan shop promised they were not. They even provided photo evidence of customers buying the limited edition treat at the store.



While it's not a permanent menu item, we do give the shop credit for creativity and execution. Well played, Sweet Ritual. Well played.


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