How to Hire a Successful Customer Service Team

These four unique qualities will set your team up to win.

By Raquel Guarino

You've built a solid product and have worked on your marketing strategy. Now that your business is growing, it's time to build a strong foundation to scale your customer service team. Creating a balanced dynamic is no easy feat. Here's what we suggest looking for in your customer service hires.


While many people can see through a saccharine conversational exchange, it's important to find a team member who can handle customer service interactions authentically and with kindness. In your interview, we suggest paying close attention to how the candidate interacts with other people, especially lower level employees or those unrelated to the interview process. It's important to find easygoing employees who genuinely care about other others' wellbeings; doing so will translate organically into their work.

Problem Solver

Customer service is inherently filled with obstacles. If you hire someone opposed to finding creative problems solving, they will have trouble satisfying both customers and leadership. When hiring, search for individuals with a creative flair and a history of conquering complex challenges. Ask interviewees about a time they used their imagination to solve a problem. These don't necessarily have to be work related; for example, a person who trained for an ultra-marathon is likely used to overcoming issues in order to get things done.


One of the best traits a customer service employee can have is empathy. As an employee, empathy should go both ways: toward the customer and the business. An empathetic employee works hard to listen to others and understands the customer experience. They also feel a special responsibility to their company to do the right thing. Look for candidates with experience volunteering or caring for others; it could be as simple as someone volunteering for food drives or taking care of a relative. The right person will understand that even small actions can make a difference in others' lives.

Forward Thinker

A forward-thinking individual is always looking at the bigger picture. When interacting with customers, this person is already considering what they'll need to do afterwards. A forward thinker also understands the customer journey. They anticipate future issues a customer may have based on the situation they're already in, and will provide helpful advice about what to do in the future. When interviewing candidates, look for individuals who ask specific questions about the position and are curious about your business. Candidates with a curious disposition are likely to think deeply before making big decisions.


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