It's Friday afternoon. Do you know where your employees are?

Physically, they're there, but mentally...

Authored by Raquel Guarino

Studies show that employee productivity dips sharply around mid-afternoon on Fridays. Physically, your employees may be present, but mentally, they're probably in another dimension. Let's take a look at a typical day!


9:15 AM The day starts off promising. It's Friday! Woo. Your employees have their game faces on and are ready to tackle the day with verve and enthusiasm. This is the team you hired. This is the team you love and trust. They are ready to WIN.


10:32 AM Office morale is high. First meeting goes off without a hitch. Though the team is a bit rambunctious, everyone eventually settles down and starts to focus. Things feel good.


11:18 AM Jan slips out of the office. She has a tummy ache and needs to lay down. It's urgent. The rest of the team stays busy and wishes her well. The office is one person down, but the team keeps on rowing.


12:06 PM Work slows down. It's lunch time. But where is lunch? GrubHub should have been here 20 minutes ago... The team leaves their desks to investigate. Investigating involves walking around in circles grumbling about being hungry.


12:07 PM And clutching their fists. Menacingly.


12:09 PM And feeling personally victimized by GrubHub.


12:18 PM Food arrives. The team is happy. All hope is not lost.


12:20 PM Nom nom nom


1:30 PM Lunch continues for a suspiciously long time.


1:32 PM One goody two-shoes decides it's time to get back to work.


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1:33 PM The rest of the team returns to their computers. An hour passes. The weekend is so close they can feel it.


1:36 PM Just kidding.


2:12 PM The office is suspiciously quiet.


2:45 PM Too quiet.


2:49 PM Maybe everyone is just super focused.


3:18 PM Yes, they are focused.


3:35 PM And definitely not playing a computer game.


3:58 PM Or any type of game for that matter.


4:16 PM Because that would just be wrong.


4:35 PM Really, really wrong.


4:49 PM And so would going on Reddit.


4:55 PM Well, would you look at the time? It's already 5 PM. Another job well done!


Happy Friday, everyone!

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