Mid-August Customer Service Awards

Authored by Kayla Brehm

Published on August 19, 2014

Here at Help.com, we feel like there are a lot of stories about bad customer service, but not enough acknowledging the atypically excellent customer service that people experience from time to time. We had the team sit down and talk about the best customer experiences they’ve had so far in August. Here are our top five customer experiences so far:

AT&T: We’ve all heard the recent horror stories about cable companies vs. the entire world. We’ll have to briefly put down our rocks though to applaud AT&T.

When I first called to schedule my installation, I was told that I’d be getting internet/cable in two weeks. This was unacceptable because having to put on pants when doing work on the weekends is adding insult to injury, so I called to get it moved up. The agent meticulously explained why each delay was taking place and correctly approximated how long we’d be waiting between each delay. In between delays, rather than asking me generic questions, he told me that he loves Man vs. Food and talked about his favorite episodes. Having an actual conversation with a customer service rep made my day. I had a good time chatting about food with him and while waiting, he resolved my issue, and I moved on with my day.

AT&T then compounded the impact of this experience by texting me a reminder of my appointment with a link to their customer service site three whole days before my appointment. Bravo AT&T.

The Whitley: Speaking of tipping my hat. One of our other employees at Help.com and I both live in the Whitley. This place is what every luxury apartment complex dreams of being. It has great Sunday brunches, the staff is unerringly friendly and, from dog walking, to dry cleaning, to groceries, goes out of their way to make our lives easier. (It’s also three blocks from our office.) The most impressive thing to me though, above all else, is how serious they are about dealing with maintenance issues. I’ve reported four issues (at least one caused by my overly inquisitive dogs) and all of them have been dealt with promptly and correctly. What’s more, when one took a few days, I mentioned it to one of our staff in passing and came home that day to find it taken care of. This level of thoughtful excellence has been consistent across other residents I know as well. Well done Whitley.

Ernst & Young: Ernst & Young takes the cake with the “surprise and delight” portion of customer service. A mysterious package arrived at the Help.com office last week. To our surprise and delight it was a large package, of Tiff’s Treats, still warm. If it isn’t already, this should be “prospecting 101” with companies pursuing prospects – particularly ones that are hounded by various vendors all day like we are.

Kent Powersports of Austin: Kent Powersports of Austin achieved two triumphs of customer service in short order that left me very impressed, despite the fact that I’m not the one buying anything from them. One of our Help.com-ers is buying a motorcycle and was waiting on his equipment. He’d mentioned to us how enthusiastic the Kent Powersports employees were, but none of us realized to what extent until he broke out laughing in the office because of a message that read (paraphrasing) “HEY MAN, WE GOT YOUR HELMET! IT’S AWESOME, COME CHECK IT OUT!”

Enthusiasm like this makes me want to want a motorcycle. Not only that though, our Help.com-er was getting dropped off at Kent Powerports to check out his recently arrived helmet and his ride (…me) was late picking him up. Kent Powersports was closing and it would have been totally understandable for the employees to head home. They didn’t though, telling Alex they weren’t going to let him bake in the sun, and instead hung out inside with him for half an hour. This basic human instinct to do a good thing for someone and make sure they’re taken care of is rare and admirable. Kent Powersports, I’m sorry I made you stay late at work, but that was a really cool thing to do for someone you barely know.

Capital Grille: The final shout out for good customer service comes from our CEO Doug. He’s eaten at the Capital Grille twice recently and made a point after his second time to mention to me that I should give them props in my next article. It’s rare that a chain reach levels of service excellence enough to leave a lasting impression on people. Hats off to Capital Grille for living up to their brand and achieving excellent and very consistent customer service.

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