November Customer Service Awards

Authored by Kayla Brehm

Published on December 2, 2014

At, we believe in the transformative power of great customer service. Every month, we like to step back and acknowledge companies and people who have provided our team with exceptional customer service.

With that said, here are some people and companies that went above and beyond in the last month.


Part of the team was in Houston for some meetings and Chris from cPanel showed why they’re known for their great customer service. Chris is a customer service lead at cPanel and knows some from way back so they all went out to lunch. After a long day of meetings Erica realized she had misplaced her bag. The team went to each of their meeting spots and the place they’d met Chris for lunch before heading home without the bag.

Unbeknownst to them, Chris had decided to look as well. He went out of his way to go back to the restaurant, found the bag, and shipped it to HQ overnight.

Chris, you are the star of the month and cPanel is lucky to have you.

WalMart Graham recently experienced great customer service with Walmart. Graham had ordered some frames from Walmart that arrived broken. Frustrated, Graham sent out a tweet at around midnight and heard from Walmart’s customer service team within minutes. Walmart ultimately fully refunded the frames and made Graham very happy by being easy to work with.

Bonobos Doug recently had an incredible experience with Bonobos. He had purchased a pair of pants a year and a half ago and hadn’t tried them on. When he finally did he found that they didn’t fit and sent them back (despite it being outside of the return range).  Doug was expecting no refund, or a $20 discount at best. Instead a Bonobos rep sent a great, hilarious email to Doug telling Doug that he was refunding the full cost of the pants and giving Doug a one time discount that was equivalent to that which he’d purchased the original pair of pants at. Talk about being customer focused.

Another great month with great customer service. We’re looking forward to hearing the holiday stories from December!

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