Rent the Runway Bungled Its Deliveries. Did They Handle the Aftermath Correctly?

You decide.

By Raquel Guarino

Rent the Runway is under fire after hundreds of customers complained about not receiving rented items on time.  The issues were made especially prominent because the delays took place over the Emmy Awards, a prime time for rentals from customers in the entertainment industry.

Customers took to social media to voice their concerns, ask for refunds, and find out what went wrong. In the process, Rent the Runway further compounded issues by ignoring complaints and not answering quickly enough.

Chief Executive Jenn Hyman responded to the uproar by offering affected customers $200 for the 'failure' and announcing the company would not accept any new customers until issues were resolved. She also made this statement: 'You rely on us for meaningful events in your life and to get dressed everyday. We realize we have let some of you down, and we need to fix it.' She blamed the issues on a software update gone awry.

In addition, Hyman took customer complaints on her personal Twitter page as well.

She asked customers to order dresses extra early to make up for the delivery issues they were experiencing.


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Rent the Runway isn't the first company to receive customer complaints after failing to deliver services, and they certainly won't be the last. While mistakes can happen to anyone, Rent the Runway would have received less blowback had they addressed their customers directly instead of avoiding questions and concerns in the first place. No amount of money can replace not having your dress at the Emmys--and being ignored doesn't make it better.

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What do you think? Did Rent the Runway handle the situation appropriately?