Spotify Wrapped Finds the Way to Users’ Hearts Using Data

It's more than just a "year in review."

By Raquel Guarino

Fun fact: people LOVE to talk about themselves. And learn about themselves. And tell other people about themselves. The Spotify Wrapped craze proves it to be true. Every year, Spotify gives users a rundown of all of their user and listening stats for the past year including listening times, favorite artists, and most listened to tracks. The information is shared with users with mobile-friendly, brightly colored infographics so they can view and share with others online.

Some critics claim that the Spotify Wrapped feature is the one thing that makes it a better product than rival Apple Music.

To speak to its success, Spotify even doubled down on the Wrapped feature to add in data about users' past decade of listenership in addition to  just 2019.

The results have been shared across social media and even meme-ified.

Free Publicity

One of the reasons the Spotify Wrapped feature is so successful is because it's free publicity. (Well, digging for data and creating a template does take work, but once you've created the mechanism for doing so, you can automate things at scale.) Having Spotify's brand spread across the internet in such a fun and positive way makes other people want to join in and be part of the conversation.

Social Sharing

Spotify Wrapped solidifies its own brand voice with a feature that's all about users and their personalities. By being able to share that with others online in a way that's both personalized but understandable, Spotify Wrapped has itself become a viral cultural phenomenon in a way that other music streaming services have not. According to the Verge: 'Apple Music has its own year-end roundup feature, too, but it’s not built for sharing, and even if it was, everyone is sharing the Spotify roundup, not Apple’s.'

Customer Loyalty

Part of what makes a customer stick to a brand is identity. With Spotify Wrapped, users wear their shared stats like a badge of honor. Being able to identify themselves as an audiophile, a rap music connoisseur, or a podcast groupie is as simple as pressing the 'Share' button. By sharing a part of themselves others may not be aware of, Spotify gives them the chance to only identify as part of the Spotify lifestyle demographic. In a way, it's a genius means of uniting people from all walks of life under the brand name. Because people have pride in what they do and who they identify as, the ability to brand or market themselves a certain way perpetuates itself tenfold, creating a unique type of customer loyalty that can't easily be duplicated.


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