Stop Traumatizing Your Customers. Here’s How.

Customer service doesn't have to be negative.

By Raquel Guarino

If you've never been traumatized by bad customer service, consider yourself in the minority. According to a study by OnePoll, 66% of Americans say they've dealt with unsatisfactory customer support.

The most common culprit for poor service? Long holds. The study says that just behind sitting in traffic, waiting on long holds for a customer service representative is one of the most frustrating things Americans deal with. Besides that, American consumers also complained about grumpy employees, getting hung up on mid-phone call, and even arguing with representatives.

It's gotten so bad that the study claims 30% of participants would rather watch paint dry than contact customer service. 32% said they'd give up sex for a week.

Even worse, Americans are forced to interact with customer service quite often: on average, Americans say they need to speak to customer service at least five times a year. For many people, that's more than 300 customer service interactions throughout one's lifetime.

That makes for a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. The effects of a negative interaction can be major: 52% of Americans surveyed state they've stopped using a business after an interaction gone awry, while 44% complained about the business in a negative online review.

So what does that mean for business owners? You've got to play to your customers' preferences. 53% of participants said above all else, email was the best medium for customer service interactions. 48% of of customers said they'd use live chat as well. Luckily, offers an expert solution for both of those options. With the app, businesses can keep track of all customer interactions (whether by email or over live chat) in one integrated app, making interactions speedier, more efficient, and satisfying. To learn more about how can change your business, click here.


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