United Airlines Wins One Customer’s Heart–the “Hard” Way

UA answered one frustrated customer's unique request.

By Raquel Guarino

You know the saying 'White Claw, no laws?' When you're traveling by air, you don't need the infamous hard seltzer for it to feel like a chaotic free-for-all. After a United Airlines flight was delayed–and still sitting on the tarmac–for two hours, Joshua Maresca of Los Angeles decided to take action. Tweeting at the airline from his cell phone, the frustrated passenger recorded a scene of passengers impatiently sitting on the plane.

(Source: @CatchMeStreamin/Twitter)

Luckily for Maresca, the airline has an active online presence and saw the tweet on social media. When the plane eventually arrived at its Chicago destination, a United Airlines employee on the social media team greeted Maresca with the requested beverage.

(Source: United Airlines)

While Maresca expressed his unhappiness with having to miss dinner plans, he said the act of kindness made him feel better, 'It really lightened the mood.'

Many customers find that social media is an easy way to get in touch with companies regarding customer service issues. While United Airlines says customers shouldn't expect alcohol after a delayed flight, they do acknowledge they keep an eye on social media and help out when possible. Either way, businesses can be assured that when customers want to contact them, the customer will try to do so by any means necessary. That's why a multichannel approach is essential capturing both potential and current customers who are looking for solutions. Check out Help.com to find out how we can help.


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