What Help.com Listens to at Work

By Raquel Guarino

Everyone has a different work style, but at Help.com, there’s one thing most of our employees can agree on: the benefits of listening to music at work. Recently, QA Engineer Claude McCracken suggested we create a playlist based on the kinds of music we listen to while on the job. According to the Journal of Music Therapy, listening to your favorite kind of music lowers a your perception of tension in the body. Additionally, experts in ADD say that listening to music while working can increase your focus, but it ultimately depends on individual preferences. Here’s what some of our employees had to say about listening to music on the job:



As for overall tastes, Help.com’s preferences are all over the board. Based on data compiled from a company-wide survey, the most popular type of music–by a long shot–is electronic. Behind that, other popular genres include rock, country, hip hop, and punk. On the fringe are styles such as classical, instrumental, and video game remixes.


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Besides music, our employees also enjoy listening to white noise and ambient sounds. Some favorites include:



In addition to music, some employees also mentioned listening to other forms of media while they work, including anime television shows and educational podcasts. The podcasts employees listen to include:



On the contrary, three employees (including myself) prefer silence or only occasionally listening to tunes. As a writer, listening to upbeat, smooth sounds stimulates my mind and gets my creative juices flowing. But if a song is too fun, I end up wanting to dance instead. Oops.

Anyway, without further ado, we humbly present the official Help.com Work Jams playlist, specially curated for your workplace enjoyment. Let us know what you think, and feel free to suggest some songs of your own!


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